Artificial intelligence is a technology in which huge data is analyzed by machines and is used for specific purposes. 

In marketing, we can use it to find and target the ideal audience. By the use of AI, we can guess the next move of the customer and can make him travel through a journey, we want.

It is an extremely powerful tech for marketers. At mokshious, we use this advancement of AI for marketing your product online for the best outcome.

Examples And Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing/AI in marketing



  • Content/Product Recommendations-

You open youtube/Instagram on your mobile and your friend’s//relative’s mobile. You will see the recommended videos/posts would be different for both of you. Moreover, the recommended content on your device would be more of your taste than your friend’s/relative’s recommended content.

The reason behind this is artificial intelligence(AI). AI analyzes your search data and understand your taste and recommend you accordingly. Not only youtube/Instagram, but there is also a huge number of apps(like amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal, etc.) is this century using these apps to improve their service.



  • Data Filtering & Analysis-

With an increase in online users, online data is also increasing. On several apps, the amount of content/product is huge. For users, finding a particular set of Content/products is not easy. By using filters, you can find limited products of your interest easily.

AI intelligence analyze your requirement and match it with existing products and shows you the desired products. For example, on youtube, you can select the duration of the video, date of upload, etc.



  • AI use in Search Engines-

The modern search engines provide you better results for your search as compare to older search engines.

Google was the first to use it to provide better service to its users. AI itself learns that what users want to see for a particular search, and with time it improves its performance itself.

Now, if you even write wrong spellings of your query, the search engine would still show you the correct results. Now big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. are also using AI for there app’s search engines.



  • Visual Search & Image recognition-

Artificial intelligence is not limited to text recognition only; it can analyze and find images also. Pinterest is the biggest platform to use AI in this manner. In Pinterest, we can find similar pictures to a particular image. This all is possible only due to AI.

Similarly, We have services like Images.Google.com & Tineye.com that help us to reverse engineer the origin of images and find different sizes of the same image.


Five Ways of using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing-



  • Forecast the Deal Chances-

With the help of AI, you can analyze which prospect is willing to commit to your product and which prospect is not. You can save your energy & time on such a prospect who has almost no interest in your product.

Instead of this, you can pursue another prospect who is more interested in your product. So this technology can be used for saving your energy and invest it at the right target. This helps to improve your productivity, increasing product buyers, thus increasing your wealth.
All that in less time. Thanks to AI.


  • Helps in Reading your Customer’s Mind-

Sounds Evil? This technology helps in understanding the taste, choices, needs, interests, etc. of your customers. Thus gives you a chance to hit six by providing them an ideal product or by making an ideal deal for them.

AI can be intended in such a way that that on certain parameters, it can give an idea of a person’s feelings also. Of course, the guess can’t be 100% accurate, but some knowledge of your customer is better than none. Artificial intelligence is designed in such a way that its performance goes on improving with time, as its database increases the margin of error decreases by leaps and bounds.


  • Optimize your Digital Advertising Campaigns-

To increase our business, we advertise online on many platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, google, etc.).

But which platform is working best for us? AI can provide us with an answer to this question.
We can analyze the performance of each advertising campaign without much work with the help of this technique. Why spend money on a less performing platform when you have a better platform? Thus Artificial intelligence in Marketing can be used to save money and to use the best platform for Audience Reach. At Mokshious, we provide the best result oriented online marketing on best-performing platforms for you.


  • Create a consumer’s Profile-

This technique can be used to make Personal profiles of consumers. It can be so designed that you can also collect personal information from consumers and can keep it forever. There is no question that what is the use of such data.

Example of use of personal information of a person-
Suppose you have a cake shop and you have information on the date of birth of a person whose birthday is coming. You can use this information by approaching him by calling, emailing, etc. and can give him/her an offer on the birthday cake. There are many chances that the cake on his/her birthday would be from your shop.
There is no end of examples of how can you use someone’s information to grow your business.


  • Online conversation with millions at a time-

With Artificial intelligence, it is possible to chat with millions of people at a time. Big companies are using this technique.

For Example- Take the case of HP laptops-

Daily, thousands of complaints regarding problems would be coming to them. The process steps for the solution of each process are the same.

HP uses an AI System for a conversation with their customers. Nowadays, AI has been integrated into the help chatbots that automatically understands the problem of a user and helps in solving their laptop problem. Thus it saves millions of money for HP.
Similar to HP, many big companies are using AI technology to communicate with there millions of customers at a time. The use of this technology makes it easier for consumers, too, as they get lesser error information, and communicating with big companies is easy.

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