Every new year is proclaimed by “New Era.” This is is no different. Planet Earth Evolves. Something new is Created in minds mil-second. Significant activity in merges and acquisitions are happening around the globe.

Technology Space ain’t that different; Giants like facebook, google, apple… many.. are joining hands($$$$$) to create something new to dominate the market.

A lot of things have evolved over the years, and we are about to enter the new decade. The interest of the consumer and the development of technology are few things that have evolved over the years.

We have seen that over time the interest of the consumers has shifted to an extent where it becomes challenging to make the right prediction of the same. The latter half of this decade has seen the development of technology that has helped the marketers to make predictions in a better way. Yes! You got it right, Artificial Intelligence(AI) that has evolved in this decade and is yet to reach the peak of its usage. 2020 is predicted to bring advancements in the technology and will have a significant impact on digital marketing trends.

Artificial intelligence and voice search optimization has evolved to a considerable extent and will remain a dominant part of the digital marketing trend this year as well. This is the time when the brand needs to keep up to the pace of growing digital marketing trends to make sure that they make a noticeable impact on the market.

The Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

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Augmented reality and virtual reality are the advancements in technology that Sureshot bring more engagement to the customers.

The customer tends to have the interest to look beyond the traditional marketing strategies and find more engaging content that can be made possible with the help of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Through the augmented reality, a customer can have a glimpse of a particular location or the product from the comfort of their home space. They can have a lifelike feel of the product with the help of such technology. Certain benefits are being added to digital marketing with the help of such technology.

Following are some of the advantages of implementing AR/VR in the digital marketing space:

  1. A consumer will have a better view of the product or the environment
  2. Lifelike feel or aspect of the product can be achieved in the comfort of home.
  3. The life-size product definition can be seen with such technology.
  4. A 360-degree view of the product can be seen from the comfort of home

There have been quite a few incredible advancements in Artificial Intelligence that have impacted the whole space of online marketing like chatbots. Read More About AI in Marketing over here.

Users Experience Will Be Highly Prioritized

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It is assumed that 2020 will further witness the development of marketing strategies that are based on the maximized usage of smartphones and various other mobile applications.
The marketer needs to understand the fact that the user’s experience is the last meter of measurement when it comes to the success of the digital marketing strategy. Even if there are advanced gadgets and growth in mobile technology, it is the user who would decide the success or the failure of any marketing strategy. This is a follow-up trend of the last year and will continue to remain the same this year as well.

Following are some of the aspects of the user’s experience that needs to be considered:

  1. Prioritizing the UX design is one of the most essential parts of the digital marketing strategy this year.
  2. The incorporation of better touch, sense, and sound will bring more traffic to the application and the businesses.
  3. This indicates the fact that a better UX design will form an essential part of the search engine optimization strategy.
  4. A friendly UX design and user-friendly application will get more considerable attention, which helps in concluding the point that the user’s experience should be the primary focus for a digital marketing strategy.

True User’s Feedback

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In recent times it is seen that the reviews of customers trigger the growth or the fall of the sale. This is because buyers rely more on other buyer’s feedback before the decision.

They would believe their peers rather than considering someone who is part of the company or willing to make a brand promotion. The obvious thing in the mind of the consumer is that a digital marketer would never say anything negative about their product/service.
However, the user of the product or the service would provide honest feedback.

The benefits of this marketing trend are as follows:

  1. The prospect can rely more on the product/merchandise/service if their peer review is useful.
  2. The content that will be presented to the user will not be based on highlighting the positive aspect but to put the real picture of the same.
  3. The reviews, ratings, and testimonials will play an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.
  4. Positive comments can leverage the brand to a significant extent, and this can be one of the most critical parts of the digital marketing strategies of this year.

Overdoing Any Strategy Should Be Avoided

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The market has seen a significant change in the advertisement and the marketing strategy in the digital platform. The traditional promotion strategy has wholly lost its impact in the present time. This is because of new advertisements forms that got big over the years and have Gained the attention of the users, Successfully!

The concepts of minimization have been highly appreciated in recent times, and this will continue to benefit the digital marketers this year. There are certain advantages to this approach.

Following are the aspects that need to be highlighted:

  1. Minimization will incorporate creativity most subtly.
  2. Every minute details of the marketing strategy will be analyzed.
  3. The visual elements will be highlighted, which will grab the attention of the users naturally.
  4. Information driven content will be highly appreciated and will lead to a better understanding of the business by the consumers.
  5. The consumers will not have to read out through articles to understand the ways they want to get a product or a service. This will be visually made available.
A promising trend of digital marketing strategy is to arrive this year, yet it is the term that would determine the effectiveness of these trends.

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