It’s Mokshious Reviews for 2020 Email Marketing Softwares; learning about there features in detail.

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Let’s Talk About Email Marketing Softwares in Marketing Now:-

  1. Sendinblue
  2. It’s an email marketing software with more than 80k paying customers.

    Below is the list of Sendinblue Features:

    • You can easily create highly engaging email campaigns with their drop and drag builder. You can choose a responsive template among their rich library of templates.
    • You can test your campaign by A/B test option available in this Software and can improve your campaign performance continuously.
    • Sendinblue used AI technique which helps in improving the performance of your campaign with time. Like if you are not sure about the right time for an email campaign, the software will itself optimize the performance of your Email campaign and your results would increase by 5 to 15% in open rates.
    • With Sendinlbue you can check which content of your mail is interacting more with viewers.
    • By connecting drag and drop landing page editor directly to your Sendinblue account you can grow your contact list. This software collects the contact information of people engaging with your email. With the help of this Email Marketing software, you can set up special marketing operations in minutes.

    Vital customers of Sendinblue-

    • Marcus Taylor – Founder & CEO – Venture Harbour says-
      “At this price point, you won’t find a much better deal elsewhere. As far as we’re concerned, SendinBlue blows MailChimp out of the water as an email platform.SendinBlue’s transactional email features are incredible. For us, this is the feature that sets SendinBlue apart from other email marketing platforms and this is precisely why we’ve been using it happily for the past three years.”

    • Jim R. – Director of Merrimack Valley AHEC says-
      “I have been using email newsletter vendors since they started 20 years ago and SendingBlue is the best I have used by far. The overall ease of use is superior to all the others I have tried. Check them out, they seem smaller than the big companies like Constant Contact who are too big to even return an email.”

    • André M – Civil Engineer says-
      “The platform is quite flexible: I use it to manage a small NGO; and also use it to create newsletters for the attendees of my wedding, as a way to gradually reveal details of the ceremony in the previous months.”

    Visit SendiBlue

  3. Intercom
  4. Intercom automatically for you via email. According to them 30,000+ successful companies are there customers that includes big brands like Sotheby’s, New Relic, Atlassian, Shopify, and Combinator, etc.

    Features of intercom softwares includes-

    • To target the right people, this software has options like-
      • Target people based upon who they are
      • Set Message timing
      • You can personalize your content and can create a dynamic campaign based upon the behavior of targets.

    • Intercom provides a Better way to communicate
      • You can send an automated message to customers when they are in a mood of engaging
      • You can send them images, videos, emoji, and apps.

    • Intercom provides powerful apps in your message
      • Register for webinars, schedule meetings and Sign up for demos with apps from Zoom, Google Calendar, and Aircall.
      • Send surveys using the intercom and get the feedback you require.

    Vital customers of intercom-

    • Jesus Requena, Director of Growth Marketing says-
      “Intercom plays a critical role in our paid subscription business and allows us to create a more personal experience.”

    Visit InterCom

  5. Emailoctopus
  6. According to Emailoctopus, 39k organisations trust them. They have sent 8.4 billion emails from last


    • EmailOctopus is integrated with more than Five Hundred products & services through Zapier. Plugin to all our favorite apps like SurveyMonkey, Salesforce, Shopify and Eventbrite.
    • With the Simplicity plus powerful automation that resource us to make time-based drip and onboarding sequences. With the help of Emailoctopus we can give our new email opt-ins a generous welcome and can make them visiting back by providing exclusive offers and mind-blowing content.
    • This software allows us to produce a glossy and powerful campaign in moments – and our emails will always seem attractive across all devices. We can additionally upload our individual templates, or can simply build from scratch using the drag & drop editor.
    • We can do a real-time analysis of our campaign after the start of our campaign and can improve it with time.

    Some additional features of Emailoctopus are-

    • Low cost
    • Human support
    • Great deliverability
    • GDPR compliance
    • Bounce handling
    • Developer API

    Visit EmailOctopus

  7. PostyMan
  8. Features of Postyman software are-

    • Fast Email Delivery
      PostyMan parallel delivery system achieves high email throughput

    • Drag ‘n’ Drop Editor
      PostyMan design stunning email campaigns easily

    • Autoresponders
      PostyMan schedule autoresponders to follow your given schedule.

    • Realtime Reports
      We can get real-time reports on Opens, Bounces and Link Clicks

    • Our List Always Clean
      Keep our lists clean with automatic suppressions and bounce processing.

    • Smart Import/Export
      We can Import/Export contacts in bulk

    Visit PostyMan

  9. EasySendy
  10. This software dashboard has an application detail that includes email lists, email campaigns, and segments.
    Email subscriber’s recent activities are also shown by the software.

    • It can easily see the report on the recent sent emails campaign and can improve our campaign with the help of that report.
    • It can see the activities of subscribers easily from the dashboard.
    • It can design an email template using drag and drop editor.
    • It can also upload existing templates.
    • It can export email template from URL also
    • It can add emojis and can express the message in a creative way.

    Visit EasySendy

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