Which publisher out of Facebook and Google is better for me to advertise my product/service? This question is asked to us by hundreds of our clients. Our answer every time is, “it depends.” Both FB and Google are great for advertising your business, but which one is better for you, it depends upon your business type, your goals, your audience, etc. We know that for a businessman, spending Money on advertisements is not a small thing. So to invest in the right advertise publisher, let’s learn about both advertisers in detail and then choose the right platform. If you don’t want to read the full article, you can contact us by clicking here. We can help you manage and scale the full advertisement campaign.

What are Google Ads/Google AdWords-

Google is now the most popular search engine in the World. On average, 70% of the World’s total internet users, use this search engine for there query. It is growing continuously at a great rate since early 2000. On Google, 3.5 billion searches are done per day, the rate which is increasing by 10% every year. It is processing more than 40 thousand queries every second. So we can say that the amount of Google audience is huge. Google ads, also known as Google AdWords, has become the World’s most popular pay per click advertising platform. It means you will pay to google only when someone clicks and visits your website. The cost of a per-click for a website is not fixed. It depends upon the competition of the keyword(a phrase on which you want to rank your website). For example,- you are a makeup artist and want to rank on a keyword “best makeup artist in Xyz city.” If more people are advertising on this keyword, then the cost of this keyword would be more. Similarly, if there is less competition on this keyword, then the cost of the advertisement would be less. It’s a bidding based system.

Cost on Google ads-

How much will it cost you to advertise on Google AdWords? It’s you who is going to decide the cost of your advertisement campaign. Google allows users to advertise in their budget. For a better and result-oriented campaign, people give the duty of advertisement to marketing experts like Mokshious. We set a budget in which we want to advertise our product. Google estimates approximate monthly clicks on our website accordingly. The Rule for this is- More Money = More Monthly clicks We are going to pay only for the clicks on our website. We can decide the area, Gender, Age, etc. targeting the type of audience on our website.

What are Facebook Ads-

Facebook has currently 2.27 billion active users. It is the most famous online media platform. Even You would find that 80-90% of your known circle uses this platform. Last year 25% of online advertisement was spent on Facebook Ads only. This shows how popular facebook Ads are. Facebook is a paid Social platform. In a survey, it was found that in 2016, the approx cost per click(CPC) was 0.27 dollars and 7.19 dollars CPM.

The actual cost of an advertisement depends upon-

  1. Ad Objective
  2. Bidding type and amount
  3. Audience
  4. Ad quality
  5. Your Industry

Our Recommendation

Both Google and Facebook use AI. Which helps there clients to get more viewers. But the database of Facebook is bigger in terms of a person’s likes, dislikes, anniversary, Friends, occupation, salary, etc. Due to which Facebook advertisements are working very efficiently as targeting can be narrowed down to our perfect audience. On the other hand, Google makes Money from clients only when someone actually visits the website. So it is totally worth to pay on Google. We conducted a small scale survey to check the performance of both the advertising platforms. We conduct a month campaign on both platforms for our three clients owning a restaurant, gym, and Salon, respectively. The results after one month were-
  1. The Salon Gets 5:3 Leads from Adwords vs. Facebook
  2. The restaurant owner got 1:7 family visits due to google ads and facebook ads.
  3. The Gym owner gets 5:2 clients due to google ads and facebook ads.
  4. So Both platforms perform differently for different clients.
Again, these results are what came to us. It’s not always the same for everyone. You should advertise on a platform where you think more of your clients are, or you can take Our Experts Advise by clicking here for a Better and Effective Ads Campaign.
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Well! We don’t have grudges against any marketing company. Kidding. What we know is transperency is the hardest part to maintain for every agency. Marketing is not a day job; Just like anything it takes time to show results; where client gets worried on what happening with their money. “Whats happening behind the scenes?”. With Mokshious, we maintain a level of transperency where every week our consultant will update you with progress & reports which you can understand. You will see it climb.





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