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Here is the list of 12 important interview questions related to digital marketing. We recruit many candidates every year. The most important or basic questions which we ask candidates are listed below. We hope this article helps you to gain information and you crack your interview. 

Here is the list of questions, let’s start-  

  1. What is Digital Marketing?
  2. Ans. Digital marketing is a Brand Growth Marketing tactics that include SEO, SMO, and SEM.

  3. Types of Digital Marketing?
  4. Ans. Types of Digital marketing are-
    Inbound Marketing- In this type of Marketing, we take the help of e-books for digital content, social media, and e-newsletter to increase the traffic on our website.

    Outbound Marketing- In this marketing type, we reach our desired audience in a more rapid way, which includes cold calling, emailing, and placing paid ads on google, facebook, etc.

  5. What is SEO?
  6. Ans. Search-Engine-Optimization is the Full Form of SEO. It is a method/process by which we can improve the ranking of your website. It includes branding and improving the structure of your website so that search engines can crawl it in a better way. Increasing Trust to Google so that our brand can be visible on the First Page of Google.

  7. What is SMO?
  8. Ans. Social Media Optimization is the full form of SMO. It includes Social News, Bookmarking Sites, and Blogging connecting all that with RSS feed. The aim of SMO is similar to SEO i.e., diverting traffic to your website.

  9. What is SEM?
  10. Ans. Search Engine Marketing is the full form of SEM. It is a form of online marketing in which advertisement for a website is done by increasing there visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Paid Promotions on Google, Bing, or other publishing platforms are done to achieve this target.

  11. What is the keyword in digital marketing?
  12. Ans. “keyword” is simply a trending word that people on the internet are searching for, and you use that word on your website to attract traffic to your site. For digital marketing, especially SEO: keywords are essential. Some years ago, when SEO was new or we can say more people were not aware of this thing, at that time use of keywords multiple times(keyword stuffing) was enough to rank a website. But now ranking your website mentioning keywords only is not beneficial.. Now, you need to have proper knowledge of modern methods of SEO to rank a website.

  13. How to use keywords to rank a website?
  14. Ans. Add keywords here-

    • In URL of your website
    • In the title of your website
    • In meta tag of your website
    • In titles of your website content
    • In the body of your website content

  15. Explain Pay Per Click or PPC advertising?
  16. Ans. It is also called Cost Per Click(CPC). This system is used to bring internet traffic to your website. In this technique, we(owner/host of website) pay money to the publisher for each click to our website. In other terms, we can state that it is the money spent to get an advertisement clicked.

  17. How to find PPC or Pay Per Click advertising price?
  18. Ans. There are two primary methods to find Pay Per Click advertising price-

    • Flat-Rate PPC

      – In this method, the advertiser and publisher both agree to a special price for PPC. In most cases, the publishers have a rate card for PPC. The rate card for different publishers depends upon the traffic or content on their website.

    • Bid Based PPC

      – In this method, different advertisers compete in an auction organized by the publisher. The advertise who bid most; the publisher publishes his website at that price.

  19. Is SEO and digital marketing the same?
  20. Ans. Digital marketing and SEO are considered to be deceptive or Same by many people. SEO is a small part of Digital marketing. Digital marketing includes SEO, SMO, and SEM. Digital marketing, as defined earlier, is a brand marketing tactic that consists of several methods to achieve its target. However, SEO is part of Digital Marketing in which website Ranking and Structure are improved so that search engines crawl it in a better way, and more internet users can visit your site.

  21. Which is the most popular publisher for PPC nowadays?
  22. And. Google Adwords is the most popular publisher for PPC nowadays.

  23. Why is Google Adwords the most popular publisher for PPC nowadays?
  24. Ans. Unquestionably, Google is the most successful search engine nowadays. 3.5 Billion Queries are handled per day by google — rate is also Increasing by 10% Every Year.
    So our website’s advertisement reaches more audiences. Google Adwords uses AI, which itself analyzes the performance of our ad and performs better with time. Moreover, the cost of Google Adwords is in range of most of the people.

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