Instagram is the 2nd, most successful social media platform following Facebook. It is an excellent platform for you to grow your business online. You can post your services on it, so that people around the globe could see your service, and can connect with you. But increasing the reach of your Instagram posts is not that easy. Here, you will learn the techniques with which you can increase the reach of your posts, and can increase your followers, and can grow your business. This is the latest checklist for the year 2020, which includes the newest list of points for increasing your IG posts reach

Read the Eight points with the focus to learn the Instagram growth path.
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2020’s Checklist to Grow your Instagram Posts-

  1. Post an image that is relative and attractive-
  2. Instagram is all about posting images. So it is the first step to choose the right picture for your post.
    The image should be –

    1. High in quality
    2. Relative with your page
    3. Eye-catching

    High-quality images-

    The image which you are going to post should be of high quality. To get a high-quality image, you should click it with a good camera and should use the photography equipments. It should be preferably done by a professional photographer.

    Shoot your pictures in optimum light.

    But if you don’t have professional equipments or budget for a professional photographer, you should still do photography with the best available sources you have.
    All the above-mentioned tips should be taken into account as far as possible.

    Relative with your page-

    Always post the image relative to your page theme.

    Like if you own a handbag selling page, and posting an image of your family on it. Then that is a negative point for your account.
    So avoid such posts or make another personal account to post irrelevant posts.


    Let me tell you a fact about Humans Using Instagram.
    While using IG, we generally scroll down quickly, and suddenly stop on an image that looks different or attractive.
    In the same, the whole world is using Instagram. So we should always focus on posting an image that is eye-catching. You can add emojis or filters on your images to make it look different or attractive.
    Always remember that people have a number of images options to watch on Instagram. So if your post is not attractive, then forget to have traffic on it.

  3. Get a Website.
  4. This is something that most people avoid, even if you are an influencer or a small business. A website always puts you in a higher place than your competitors. You can have 24*7 Services listed there. You are making people interact and learn more about your services.
    They are also allowing influencers to connect with brands professionally.
    A chance to build an Email List from Opt-ins. This isn’t 2002. It’s in 2020. You need a list.
    Only with a website you can retarget your best customers interacting, there is no way around.

  5. Tag image location-
  6. In a survey, it has been found that photos, including tag location, engage 79% more people. So you won’t prefer to lose those 79% increase in viewers.
    The main reason for the increase in traffic is that people search for content with a specific location. So tagging a location to your post is a great technique to increase traffic on it. If you are a food or travel blogger, tag the location of the place where it’s clicked.
    If you are working from home or industry, then add the location of the city in which you live. You can also tag a famous city nearby to increase viewers’ number.

  7. Tag & Mention Featured Accounts/Brands
  8. If it’s you, that is wearing the brand, or you have an actual love for your favorite brand or even a coffee. Always keep in mind to tag as many relevant accounts in your posts, comments, captions.
    Don’t you love the free exposure, So do Big Brands.
    Instagram is about Exposure, More the Better. Sweeter the Tastier.

  9. Add a clever caption to your image-
  10. Adding a clever caption to your post is an essential step.
    Here are some types of captions you can add-

    1. Call to action- in this type of caption, you are inviting your viewers to interact or participate. Here are some examples of call to action captions-
      Tag a friend!
      What’s your opinion!
    2. Funny Jokes
    3. Motivational Messages
    4. Quotes from Popular People

    The caption should be small. The ideal length of the caption is between 100-150 words.

  11. Engage with comments-
  12. Let your followers recognize that you are listening to them. This step increases the interest of your followers in your post.
    It has found in a survey that people feel special when the admin of the page reply or interacts with them.
    Such happy followers also share and spread your posts. So interacting with the followers and giving them some amount of your precious time is worth it.

  13. Making Contest
  14. If you have a business account or want more engagement from your followers. It’s never ever a bad idea to give something out for free or better yet, Create a Contest. Everyone will find the Contest more interesting, making it engaging.

    1. Tell your followers time when you will announce the winner.
    2. Make Contest consistent with your account theme.
    3. Make your own custom #XyzContest Hashtag and also add #constest #giveaway to your posts

  15. Add hashtags to your comments-
  16. It is a fact that We all love to add a hashtag before our comments. But do you know that adding a hashtag to your comments can boost up your post, You would have seen many posts with many hashtags by the publisher in a comment.
    The reason is that your post will start to trend for 15 minutes on the hashtags you commented on. My strategy is to put near about 30 hashtags in two comments(15 hashtags each comment). Be online for at least 15 minutes to interact if someone comments.
    You can also add a smiley or other emoji in the comment section; it can also boost your post.

    That’s all. How many of the above are you implementing?
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